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Become a part of our Health Center

Thank you for visiting our website and for your interest in our Home. We encourage you to stop by our Home for a visit at any time. If you wish to learn more about joining our family here, or would like a guided tour of the Home, please contact Whitley or Kevin.

Whitley Jones

Admissions Coordinator


Kevin Singletary

Social Service Director


Admission Application

You will need to complete an admission application if you wish to be considered for admission. You may download a copy of our application by clicking on the document icon or obtain one from the Social Service Department.  The application can be filled out and submitted by email, mail, or you can drop it off at the Home.  If you open the application in Adobe it will be easier to complete rather than doing it through the browser window it opens in.  You will need Adobe Reader to complete the application.

Upon Entering Your New Home

When you arrive at the Apostolic Christian Home of Eureka, someone from Admissions will meet you and escort you to your new room. A nurse will complete a physical assessment and make sure that we have all needed medical information for you. You or your Power of Attorney will meet with the Admissions Coordinator and complete the admission paperwork. You may receive visits from various individuals depending on your needs including therapy, activity and dietary staff. We want to learn as much as possible about you so that we can meet your needs and make you feel as at home as possible!

What to Bring on Admission Day

We want you to feel at home during your stay with us. We recommend that you bring the clothing that you are used to wearing at home. You should consider bringing 7 to 10 outfits including the following: shirts/blouses, pants/slacks, dresses/skirts, undergarments, socks/hose, comfortable shoes, nightclothes, robe, slippers, comb/brush and toiletries (such as toothbrush, toothpaste, deodorant, special soaps or shampoos). The Laundry department will label all your clothes when you bring them.

We supply the following furniture: bed, nightstand, chair and chest of drawers. You are welcome to bring additional items from home in order to make you as comfortable as possible. You may wish to bring your favorite chair, a television, and lamp, providing there is space in your room for them. We also, encourage you to bring family photos, pictures for the walls, a radio, clock, books, and games. We do provide linens including towels, sheets and bedspreads, however you may bring your own bedspread if you wish.

You will need to bring these documents with you to complete the admission paperwork with Admissions:

  • Medicare and Social Security card

  • All insurance cards: health insurance, prescription cards, Medicare supplement, nursing home insurance etc.

  • Advanced Directives including Health Care Power of Attorney papers, Financial Power of Attorney papers, and Living will (if applicable)

  • Check for admission fee and to cover room and board for the remainder for the current month

  • Emergency information, including names and telephone numbers

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