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Our Home is open to people of all faiths or no faith at all, but our residents are certainly blessed to live in a God-honoring environment that offers much to nourish one's spiritual life.


From regular church services to various Bible Study groups, to visiting Christian singing groups, our residents are able to continue living out their Christian lives as before, or perhaps to begin exploring spiritual matters for the first time. And it isn't all about being ministered to; at our Home, residents have opportunities to actively minister to others through outreach activities for the needy in our local community and far beyond.

The spiritual support offered here at Apostolic Christian Home of Eureka is most critical when one of our dear residents reaches the end of life's journey on Earth. It is during those times, that you and your family will feel the love, hear the prayers, and experience the comfort that only Christ can give as our staff gathers round to offer loving support.

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