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Meals are a highlight here. Our residents enjoy restaurant style dining in one of our graciously appointed dining rooms.


Multiple selections are offered for each meal, plus our short-order grill is also available. Our chefs pride themselves on not only making the food tasty, but visually appealling as well. Each plate is a work of art.

Residents are free to eat as much as they want. After all, this is their home. In fact, numerous snack and beverage coolers are throughout the facility for residents to help themselves whenever the urge stikes between meals.

To achieve a pleasurable dining experience, we practice the following:
  • Extended meal times

  • Breakfast is served from 6:30 to 9:30 so residents can get up early or sleep in and still get a hot breakfast

  • Restaurant style dining, so residents can choose from a variety of menu items regarding type and quantity of food they desire

  • Our menu includes the regular prepared menu developed by the Registered Dietician plus an additional entrée, vegetable and side dish to choose from

  • A daily salad buffet provides a range of salads options for residents

  • Homemade baked goods including cinnamon and pecan rolls, delicious cookies and a whole range of other goodies!

  • Ability to prepare food on a demand basis in our satellite kitchen rather than holding it in a steam table for a long period of time -- especially convenient for items such as eggs or grilled cheese sandwiches

  • Interaction with staff from all departments within the Home as they help take orders and serve the residents

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