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You’ll notice the difference the
moment you walk through the door.

“This nursing home is top notch! From the administration to the nurses, everyone is the best! I am so thankful my mother is at this home. She is wonderfully cared for!”

[Actual comment from survey]

You are welcome at Apostolic Christian Home of Eureka. Whatever your faith, whatever your background, at Apostolic Christian Home of Eureka, you’ll be welcomed into a caring, home-like atmosphere where you’ll be treated with dignity, compassion, and respect.


Our approach is grounded in our calling to provide loving care in the spirit of Christ. You see, God holds the elderly in high regard. Scripture speaks of gray hair being a crown of glory and instructs people to treat the elderly with respect, showing deference to their experience and wisdom.


And, the Bible paints a picture of old age as a time of continued fruitfulness and purpose. We believe that to be true and enable our residents to live their lives to their maximum ability. Where others may only see a person waiting out their remaining time, we see a precious soul that still has worth and potential.


A home, in the best sense of the word

“This home IS the best and really is Home.” [Resident comment.]


Step inside and you notice it right away. Not only is it a beautiful facility, it just feels homey. That’s a quality that goes beyond the furnishings and decor. It’s how the residents are loved. It’s the attitude of the staff. It’s the sparkle still present in the eyes of our residents. It’s the general spirit of the place.


Come visit to experience it for yourself.


Verifiably top-quality care

Apostolic Christian Home of Eureka is a 5-star (the highest possible score) rated facility by the Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. This is both our overall score and what we received in each area of measurement. Ratings are assigned every three months and we have a nearly perfect record since this rating system began back in 2008. This is an exceptional level of consistent excellence that is nothing short of amazing. We thank God for giving us this honor.


A campus of living options

Residents will find plenty of options here, from a range of activities to meal choices to flexibility with their daily schedules to our campus with a variety of living arrangements.


Our beautifully landscaped campus is anchored by our 109-bed nursing facility with 11 independent living apartments attached. Next door are 24 condos with congregate living common areas. Close by are 20 duplex units. Independent living residents are given first priority for available beds in the nursing home.


They are caring, empathetic, kind, and loving.  The facility is remarkably clean and odor free.  The grounds are also well maintained and beautiful.  They offer a variety of activities and entertainment for the residents. The staff and management truly care for the residents even in the most difficult times.  Our family is so grateful to be able to have such a place available for our mother.

- Family Member

It doesn't feel like a nursing home... a more homelike feeling.  It's a place you never want to go to but when you're here you know you couldn't be in a better place.

- Resident Comment

i love how kind the staff are to my father. They have always been quick to update me with any changes and are always understanding and kind.  I love that they are always looking for ways to bring joy and fun to the residents. So very thankful for a place I know he is loved and well cared for.  Thank You!

- Family Member



Our staff make all the difference. While fabulous facilities are a great blessing, ultimately the quality of care your loved one receives is based on the quality of people giving it. Thanks to our great reputation as a place to live and work, we can be very selective in our hiring.


We look for those who don’t just want a job. They need to feel a true calling to serve our residents and desire to build relationships with them and their families. If you or your loved one is considering a move to a long-term care facility, stop by. It won’t take you long to experience what we are saying.


If you feel called to provide loving care in the spirit of Christ, learn more about working here.


Calendar of events

With so many activities, can this really be called a "rest" home? Find out what is going on and come participate!

Schedule a tour

Feel free to drop in anytime, unannounced. But if you want to make sure we'll have plenty of time to answer all your questions, please call or Email ahead.

Learn about costs

Despite premium care and amenities, our home is actually less expensive than most.

Find out why.



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